What is iMira?

  • iMira e-Board is a customizable virtual platform that easily adapts to your company's or sector's needs.
  • Showcase your products in a virtual showroom.
  • Hold press conferences or meetings on our live streaming tool.
  • Keep in touch with customers via video call or chat.
  • Share images, documents and videos with your customers.

Main Features

  • Live streaming through applications such as OBS, Xsplit or Streamlabs
    • Video on demand: store your live streaming.
  • Customize your room and the entire interaction environment to your liking:
    • Create different sections and represent them with an icon.
    • Add your content through our text editor.
    • Make your brand visible.
    • Include the most important links to your website.
    • Add iframes from any external website.
    • Create multiple rooms and workgroups (for an unlimited number of users).
  • Video calls:
    • Share your screen.
    • Adjust the number of participants.
    • Moderate participants.
    • Record video calls.
  • Chat.
  • Complement your sowroom with images, videos or other types of documents.
  • Includes Blockchain technology for transaction control.
  • Uses Blockchain technology to facilitate the development of sales processes and electronic auctions.
  • Metaverse.
    • Possibility to embed different metaverse web apps.
    • Agreement must be reached with the company to have permission to embed apps.
    • Compatibility:
      • Decentraland
      • The sandbox
      • MetaSoccer
      • Soccer City
      • Intergalactic Footbal
  • Compatible with any cloud, including Amazon, Azure, Google, etc.

Uses cases

Plans and pricing

We offer different pricing plans depending on the features required by your business; our experts will help you choose the best option for you.

You can start by using a free version of iMira e-Board. Once you discover its features and benefits, check with us to find out which plan is best suited to your business' needs.

Planes custom

We also offer customized, individually priced plans that exactly adapt to your needs.

Contact us for more information: info@imira.net

About us

New technologies are emerging every day, companies release and advertise a myriad of technological products targeted at businesses. However, making a choice from such a wide range of options is not easy. Especially when there are many contradictory opinions, it may be difficult to decide.

Our goal is to provide global companies with easy access to all types of digital advances, so that they can face current and future challenges with the latest and smartest technologies.

Deep Cognitive Science, a company located in Spain (39 María de Molina St., 28006, Madrid, Spain).

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